About Us

Who we are …..a perspective.

A 26 year old innovative and stimulating learning centre that provides a bright, cheerful & safe ambience for the child to develop his / her pre-school skills. Each class provides a large and extensive range of age and skill appropriate equipments to expand and nurture the child’s development.

Why Choose Small Wonders:

Holistic learning :
Our Curriculum focuses on developing your child’s cognitive, emotional, social and physical skills, setting the foundation for a well-rounded education.

Experienced Educators :
A dedicated and caring teachers are experienced in early childhood education, and are committed to creating a nurturing environment that fosters curiosity and creativity.

Engaging activities:
From interactive storytelling and hands on science experiments to artistic expression and outdoor play, we offer a diverse range of activities that keep your child engaged and excited about learning.

Small class sizes:
We believe in individualised attention, with small class sizes. Your child receives the personalised guidance they deserve.

Safe and stimulating environment:
Your child safety is a top priority. Campus is designed to provide a secure and
stimulating space for exploring and learning.

Parent environment:
We value your partnership in your child’s education journey. Regular updates, parent-teachers meetings, and workshops keep you informed and engaged.


Principal’s Message

Mrs. S. A. Sumaya

(Masters in Education)
We are a small friendly pre-school with qualified & experienced staff to welcome you and your child into a wonderful pre-school experience.
The children learn through play and structured lessons, with a balance of free choice.
As the head of the school, I believe in inculcating the love for learning in every child. We strictly follow our motto’ Where the mind is without fear’, thus creating small little fearless minds hereat SMALL WONDERS.